Thursday, August 19, 2004

Post Four

The Day of Reckoning has arrived for many teenagers across the world. The day that decides who goes to what university and what will happen in the next few years of their lives. My day of reckoning was pretty good, I required AAB to get into my chosen course at my chosen university (Master Physics at Warwick University... please stop laughing), and I got it! If you want exact details, ask me but what matters is I know where I'm going to be going to at the end of the summer. So is my best mate by a stroke of coincidence, and a few other classmates but they are all studying business, oh sorry Management Sciences is the politically correct term. Anyone reading this who recently got their results, if you want to share drop me a line, it saves me scanning my phone book.
The office move physically started today, I managed to help out for about 30 mins then screwed up my finger royally, praying it's healed by Saturday night, or at least usable by then. Courtesy of Derek the offending piece of furniture has been sent to the trash. The move is going well and hopefully tomorrow I can be of more help. Unfortunately my 'manly cut' as it has been described just did not want to stop bleeding but thats to the healing power of Sandra it seems to have stopped. Ugh, just took the plaster off, yummy.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Post Three

Today was a good day. Period. Church with a great worship set, direct sermon, followed by a filling lunch with friends just before painting the walls of our new church office. And at the end of the day I had a really good quiet time. On that point I'm currently reading 'A Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. For those who've not heard of it or not read it, I highly recommend it. It's an additional piece of devotional material aimed to be read day by day. Today's message was very convicting about resolution and reconciliation. A certain friend of mine was really on my heart, so not delaying (well, only a little, debating whether to do it at night or wait til tomorrow) I called them. I'm glad I did because it sorted out some tension between us and got things cleared up. God really made it clear to me he puts people in our lives for us to have healthy ongoing relationships with and its our responsibility to keep them that way. So please, if I'm not keeping ours healthy, tell me. Thank you.
Flight 852 will be taking off soon. The new name for our youth group, currently known as SNA, Saturday Night Alive, will be taking it's preflight checks the beginning of September in the new Vine Centre. It is an end of an era in the Wan Chai English Speaking Methodist Church, around 10 years or so, and I've only been around for 2 of them. I feel like such a newbie. There's a lot of fond memories there, I got saved, great sermons, great worship, first time on a worship team...Matt's dogpiles. But on the other hand there's going to be a lot of new memories made smack bang in the middle of Central, central Central. SNA isn't dead, I choose to believe it's going to be reborn.
This week is going to be a big week, it's the final 'official' week that we are legally renting Room 501 Yip Fung Building, the first one we are paying rent on 2/F & 3A/F ChinaChem Plaza 2, and also the week we finish renovating and (by God's grace) the week we move the old office to the new premises! Please remember this in your prayers, regardless of your church affiliation. And if you want to offer some more physical support, give the Vine office a ring and sign your name up for a callback when we do the physical move ( click contact, dial the number for the church office)
Oh, finally, thank you to all who came to help out today painting the walls, your time is much appreciated. A big thank you to John and Sandra who really co-ordinated the efforts, and also in advance to John and Anne MacPherson who kindly volunteered to do the final coat tomorrow morning. If you see them, give them a big hand they are awesome people.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Post Two

We finally got around to working on the 3/F yesterday and I couldn't have asked for a better team. We had finished cleaning the wallpaper, scrubbing rust off the metal and stripping the unsalvageable wallpaper by lunchtime! It feels great to be sowing into the Vine vision and I really feel God is driving us along in the last week or so as our time in the old office draws to a close.
Something extremely amazing happened this week. Long story short, the design team and the pastors wanted to install a new front door in an existing wall. The contractors said it would take up to 10 days to get a new door ordered and delivered, 10 days that we don't have. The contractor knocks down the wall anyway and finds that inside that wall there is already a matching glass door with an extra hinged piece that can be opened to move larger furniture in (which we needed) in perfect condition AND we already had the keys and we didn't know! Hallelujah, that is a huge weight off our mind and 10 days off the construction time. Wicked!
So much else has been happening. We decided to redecorate the 3/F ourselves as the contractors quoted us HKD$50,000 to redecorate it *cough* Ok we'll do it ourselves we said. So now we've got the walls ready to be painted, and how much have we spent now that we've bought all the equipment, under HKD$1000, that is a saving HKD$49000. AND we've been working at the same time as the contractors so we've been saving time too. God has his hand over this project to no end, previously I'd had my doubts about meeting the projected date of the first service and the date we're meant to move out of the old office. However, God has made it clear that this is his vision that he gave to us and he's going to see it through to fruition.
I was given a very funky devotional two days ago by Miss Jenny Bradbrook, it's the got the cool squidgy cover + hardback which is essential for a destructive guy like me, everything in my back turns to mush unless it's protected. Thanks Jenny!
5 days left till our A2 results come out, I'm getting a few butterflies in my stomach, but I know it's cool whatever happens. That is a VERY good thing to know, that it's all going to work out whatever is written on that piece of paper. Now here's something that I'm sure a lot of students would like the answer to. Why is it that in Hong Kong you have to go into school for a specific time to get your results that are on one sheet of paper, and the only thing hiding them from everyone else is another sheet of tissue paper paperclipped to the front, WHILE in the UK, the results are mailed to you and you get them in the morning after the postman has been. Does that seem fair? Oh well, it's only 3 times in life we have to deal with them so it doesn't weigh particularly heavy on my mind.
Today we are going rockclimbing but alack it is going to be quite expensive as we do not have the numbers to make it up to HKD$100 each. I haven't been rockclimbing in a long time and I could never quite get the courage up to go over the lips on climbing walls, you know the large outcrops near the top of the wall? I always used to freeze near the top, well I'll find out exactly how much I've changed since then today.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Post One

This evening I decided to start a blog. That is about the size of it.
As I tend to write my thoughts down quite a lot, to put them into some sort of cohesive order, I imagine that will be what I put here, aside from what happens in a day.
Feeling bruised from yesterdays exercise, however that is a good pain. No I am not masochistic, though it makes you wonder, are people who push themselves to the limit masochistic or determined? I'd like to think just determined, but it's probably a mix of the two.
Got to the office before 10 again. For any who don't know, I am working at the Vine Office (currently in transit to new premises) as a summer volunteer, I don't believe there is more worthwhile way to spend my summer, at least not accessible to me here and now. Mandy and Derek were already there well before me, they are uber amazing people, they work hard all day and are continually excited and energetic and enthusiastic and other words beginning with 'e', Woah, thats the spirit working right there, and I'm not talking about Derek's Bombay spirit.
It was an extremely slow day, something I cannot tolerate. You can beat me, you can starve me, you can kill me. Just don't bore me. I cannot take tedium. Went for a walk after lunch up to the zoo and back, burned some CD's for this Sunday. Now, here is something I think about a lot, efficiency. Why procrastinate, and why not make time for simple tasks if you may be rushed later. It is a biblical attitude, why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? I imagine it's a lot easier to say that out of school than in school.
Went home and watched the film 'Secret Window', a Stephen King novel turned film, and it is very stereotypically Stephen King with a Fight Club twist at the end but not quite as satisfying, at least in my opinion. It is a scary thought that a sufficiently stressful event could cause a mental breakdown to the point that something twisted is created, to the point of depravity or even just abnormal behaviour or thinking patterns. Ok, no more depressing thoughts.