Thursday, August 19, 2004

Post Four

The Day of Reckoning has arrived for many teenagers across the world. The day that decides who goes to what university and what will happen in the next few years of their lives. My day of reckoning was pretty good, I required AAB to get into my chosen course at my chosen university (Master Physics at Warwick University... please stop laughing), and I got it! If you want exact details, ask me but what matters is I know where I'm going to be going to at the end of the summer. So is my best mate by a stroke of coincidence, and a few other classmates but they are all studying business, oh sorry Management Sciences is the politically correct term. Anyone reading this who recently got their results, if you want to share drop me a line, it saves me scanning my phone book.
The office move physically started today, I managed to help out for about 30 mins then screwed up my finger royally, praying it's healed by Saturday night, or at least usable by then. Courtesy of Derek the offending piece of furniture has been sent to the trash. The move is going well and hopefully tomorrow I can be of more help. Unfortunately my 'manly cut' as it has been described just did not want to stop bleeding but thats to the healing power of Sandra it seems to have stopped. Ugh, just took the plaster off, yummy.


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