Sunday, August 15, 2004

Post Three

Today was a good day. Period. Church with a great worship set, direct sermon, followed by a filling lunch with friends just before painting the walls of our new church office. And at the end of the day I had a really good quiet time. On that point I'm currently reading 'A Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. For those who've not heard of it or not read it, I highly recommend it. It's an additional piece of devotional material aimed to be read day by day. Today's message was very convicting about resolution and reconciliation. A certain friend of mine was really on my heart, so not delaying (well, only a little, debating whether to do it at night or wait til tomorrow) I called them. I'm glad I did because it sorted out some tension between us and got things cleared up. God really made it clear to me he puts people in our lives for us to have healthy ongoing relationships with and its our responsibility to keep them that way. So please, if I'm not keeping ours healthy, tell me. Thank you.
Flight 852 will be taking off soon. The new name for our youth group, currently known as SNA, Saturday Night Alive, will be taking it's preflight checks the beginning of September in the new Vine Centre. It is an end of an era in the Wan Chai English Speaking Methodist Church, around 10 years or so, and I've only been around for 2 of them. I feel like such a newbie. There's a lot of fond memories there, I got saved, great sermons, great worship, first time on a worship team...Matt's dogpiles. But on the other hand there's going to be a lot of new memories made smack bang in the middle of Central, central Central. SNA isn't dead, I choose to believe it's going to be reborn.
This week is going to be a big week, it's the final 'official' week that we are legally renting Room 501 Yip Fung Building, the first one we are paying rent on 2/F & 3A/F ChinaChem Plaza 2, and also the week we finish renovating and (by God's grace) the week we move the old office to the new premises! Please remember this in your prayers, regardless of your church affiliation. And if you want to offer some more physical support, give the Vine office a ring and sign your name up for a callback when we do the physical move ( click contact, dial the number for the church office)
Oh, finally, thank you to all who came to help out today painting the walls, your time is much appreciated. A big thank you to John and Sandra who really co-ordinated the efforts, and also in advance to John and Anne MacPherson who kindly volunteered to do the final coat tomorrow morning. If you see them, give them a big hand they are awesome people.


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