Saturday, August 14, 2004

Post Two

We finally got around to working on the 3/F yesterday and I couldn't have asked for a better team. We had finished cleaning the wallpaper, scrubbing rust off the metal and stripping the unsalvageable wallpaper by lunchtime! It feels great to be sowing into the Vine vision and I really feel God is driving us along in the last week or so as our time in the old office draws to a close.
Something extremely amazing happened this week. Long story short, the design team and the pastors wanted to install a new front door in an existing wall. The contractors said it would take up to 10 days to get a new door ordered and delivered, 10 days that we don't have. The contractor knocks down the wall anyway and finds that inside that wall there is already a matching glass door with an extra hinged piece that can be opened to move larger furniture in (which we needed) in perfect condition AND we already had the keys and we didn't know! Hallelujah, that is a huge weight off our mind and 10 days off the construction time. Wicked!
So much else has been happening. We decided to redecorate the 3/F ourselves as the contractors quoted us HKD$50,000 to redecorate it *cough* Ok we'll do it ourselves we said. So now we've got the walls ready to be painted, and how much have we spent now that we've bought all the equipment, under HKD$1000, that is a saving HKD$49000. AND we've been working at the same time as the contractors so we've been saving time too. God has his hand over this project to no end, previously I'd had my doubts about meeting the projected date of the first service and the date we're meant to move out of the old office. However, God has made it clear that this is his vision that he gave to us and he's going to see it through to fruition.
I was given a very funky devotional two days ago by Miss Jenny Bradbrook, it's the got the cool squidgy cover + hardback which is essential for a destructive guy like me, everything in my back turns to mush unless it's protected. Thanks Jenny!
5 days left till our A2 results come out, I'm getting a few butterflies in my stomach, but I know it's cool whatever happens. That is a VERY good thing to know, that it's all going to work out whatever is written on that piece of paper. Now here's something that I'm sure a lot of students would like the answer to. Why is it that in Hong Kong you have to go into school for a specific time to get your results that are on one sheet of paper, and the only thing hiding them from everyone else is another sheet of tissue paper paperclipped to the front, WHILE in the UK, the results are mailed to you and you get them in the morning after the postman has been. Does that seem fair? Oh well, it's only 3 times in life we have to deal with them so it doesn't weigh particularly heavy on my mind.
Today we are going rockclimbing but alack it is going to be quite expensive as we do not have the numbers to make it up to HKD$100 each. I haven't been rockclimbing in a long time and I could never quite get the courage up to go over the lips on climbing walls, you know the large outcrops near the top of the wall? I always used to freeze near the top, well I'll find out exactly how much I've changed since then today.


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