Thursday, September 30, 2004

Post Eight

I promised I'd update today and here it is! Just barely in time. The last 5 days have been a real blur, and I'm still not really working. We've not started anything new and we've not looked at anything particularly challenging. Either I've learned more than I thought back in KGV or I'm just missing key points in the two lectures I've had. My hall is Arthur Vick 2 and it is great, people are sociable and great to chat with. Of course not as good as people from Hong Kong... Moving swiftly on, I've been finally cooking for myself with minimal mess and surprisingly good results. Attempted a stir fry chicken dish tonight with potato and broccoli and of course, my favourite and yours, long grain white rice. Add some chilli and soy sauce and we have a heck of a meal.
My roommates are either out, watching tv or playing N64/Gamecube, downloading stuff off DC++ (the underground download network that uses the highspeed internal network in Warwick) or doing what I'm doing (sending out mail and updating blogs). Tomorrow I have a mathematics diagnostic test, simply put means I'm being tested to see what I know/remember. I could tell them easily that it's not much, but I guess my word isn't good enough!
I managed to get to two Christian Union (hereafter mentioned as CU) meetings already, one was just an introduction, the real one was today at 5.30, Jesus and the Shawshank Redemption, which was drawing parallels and making illustrations of Jesus in society compared to the main character Andy (played by Tim Robbins). Somehow I missed seeing that movie so I must make the attempt to watch it soon... DC++ maybe :P
I unfortunately missed out on church on Sunday which I am thoroughly kicking myself about however I will be going this Sunday to a chr=urch called and in a place called Westwood. Looking forward to my first service in Britain since I lived here. I will be checking out a few so I won't be anchored there straight away, I have already been introduced to many church goers here and have met some of the CU team, worship director etc. As expected, bassists are in short supply so I should be fortunate enough to get to help out there.
Well tomorrow is a big day with lots to do and not much time to do it in. Leave me a message if you can! Whoever anonymous was thanks for the note, I'll be back at Christmas.


At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There once was a man named McGraham
Who liked sports but never could play 'em
But when he got old
'Twas then he was told
"You could have been good what a shay-um"

HO HO! My comic genius is far from diminished.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger jen bradbrook said...

ahaha... he posted that on my xanga too.

Am back in HK now after my 6 day trip down to Aus. But am headed to the Philippines tomorrow morning! Am still waiting for my life to settle down nicely into some sort of pattern so that I am able to get some things straight and start focusing on short-term commitments in HK (making the most of my time in HK) and yet it simply isn't happening!

I can't get into my e-mail, so I'm enacting this as one. Bear with me. heh.

Things are good on my end of the stick, I love the campus and the course and am really looking forward to starting up at UNSW (Did I tell you I got my offer?!) in feb. It was awesome cause it was the only real thing I wanted to do so was the only course and uni I applied to. Heh. After the aps I was really starting to kick myself wondering if I should've applied to more. But I had prayed a lot about it and felt it was the only uni that offered anything I was remotely interested in and had the facilities and location that was right. So that was an answered prayer!

Spiritually, things are good. I am missing the interaction between me and other christians and yet I can never seem to really settle down when I am with them... I am praying about it.

Basically I've developed a whole bunch of new relationships and kept up with some old ones (SNAers... as they were, although they are NOW flight 852ers) I've tried to keep them up during the week and stuff, but it's hard and as a result (probably because of age difference and what not) have what I had at school really, a bunch of good and yet shallow relationships. Ones that really haven't gone anywhere and lately it's really started to bum me out. I am in dire need of an accountablity partner, I have been praying since the summer and I've even cried about it at some points because it can get so damn difficult.

Anyways, what I find hardest to accept is that I don't feel like I belong. I know what's most important is that I am on track with God, which I feel that I am because we spend time together, more so when I've been away from HK, it feels good, it feels great - and come 180 and Church worship it awesome and I'm able to connect with Him in ways that I've been missing for quite some time now. But the before and after bits, meeting people, etc. etc... have become awkward, I mean I enjoy the company and have lots of fun, and there are few that I am able to strike deeper conversations with. But I can't help feeling so alone. heh. Nohing to worry about really, it's just a bummout and sometimes feel I could be better off at home with a guitar and a bible.

Then there's the sharing... like, I feel like I'm on track with Him, but that could be in my eyes and I could be overlooking certain things that are only provoked through anothers eyes. Meh. I'm just confused is all.

Otherwise, I know I've come a long way, we already spoke about everything, how it's all been one big build up, God working in different areas with different things in different places since my fallout with him towards the end of the school year and over the summer - Hillsongs, Philippines, HK... and I am truly happy with the way things are, growing at my own pace and discovering daily what he expects from me. But it can be a lonely road at times.

It's also hard trying to stay in touch with people when I'm not in the country and I haven't really settled into anything yet either (my flight to the Philippines I didn't know about until i got back from Australia last night!) and things happen sporadically all the time and its starting to frustrate me. I want to be able to be consistent with things, i.e. being at 180, being at the Vine, but its a once a week thing, and things come up during the week that can't be helped. Like not being in the country. Which has happened too many times. I feel like I'm losing out. RAGH.

Yeah, sorry its been building up for quite some time now and I've not really had anyone to talk to about it. Maybe Justin and another of my friends, but I've not had the chance to sit and let my thoughts out until just now. Mmm. It's not even in an email so everyone can read... haha. :)

All that aside, and I am really enjoying life. (You know when you describe a problem, it seems like you're making it a bigger deal than it is? Well, I'm not obsessing and I'm not super angry, I was just letting thought. heh. so no worries) I have yet to find a job, because I've been away and things have come up, and I said, life is upping and downing so I've not been able to commit. Leaving tommorrow for another week isn't helping things at all. And someone cancelled an interview (2nd time!) for this evening. So I'm giving up on them. At this rate, I'll just be kept busy with whatever comes up and won't even have time for a job... caught up in this dance thing, and this art project at school... no pay, but its keeping me on my toes so no complaints!

I miss my family, so I'm really looking forward to being back with them. And the coming weekend my Dad will be around - which will be the first time we've been a family since the summer!!! How crazy is that?

Things with Justin are good to and he wishes all the best at Warwick with you. Busy and as involved as ever with his school commitments - I am so glad we've over it.

I want to go away now. Because I'm really excited after having been at the campus and what not... mmmm.

Okay, I go now. Speak to you soon dear, glad to see that things are going well and picking up for you.

Love lots - x.


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