Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Post Five

I need to learn to update sooner. Sorry, I hope I won't disappoint again!
This week has been pretty hectic, there I was thinking things were going to start dying down, no chance. Which is good. The Vine Centre move went well and is moving along still, more than a few hiccups here and there but God is keeping us on track. One of the verses I read today was Deuteronomy 7:22 which reads,

"And the Lord your God will drive out the nations before you little by little; you will be unable to destroy them at once, lest the beasts of the field become too numerous for you."

This relates to how the Promised Land was granted to the Israelites, and before you go 'Huh?' let me say how that applies to this situation. God is granting us our Promised Land one step of victory at a time with manageable, overcomeable battles. I completely believe that these new premises will be completed in good time and will be an awesome venue. No worries.
Outside of work, I have been preparing for my trip to university which will be officially starting on the 20th of September, quite a daunting prospect but I definitely feel it's time to move on. I'm getting the distinct impression that there is something there for me, either to see, start or be involved in or something, we'll see. Check back here for details on how that goes.
Passion of the Christ came out on DVD this weekend so put down my money for a copy. I also bought a CD and DVD double pack of Pantera, which must've thoroughly thrown off the cashiers stereotype of a Christian when I put them both down on the counter. Ah well, challenging stereotypes is always good.
A bit of sad news, my oldest dog Christy was put down on Monday (for those who've been to my house, she was the big black and white collie mix), we'd had her since I was 4, which makes her about 15, almost all my memories took place when she was around, I even remember getting her. She was getting old, had behavioural problems and was getting unhappy unless she had continual company, as much as it saddens me it was the most humane thing to do. I don't know what happens to animals when they die but I have no doubt that it is just.


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