Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Post Six

Again, sorry for the late update, not a lot of interesting news the past week or so. Alright, thinking back, about 10 days ago on a Friday, the newly named Flight 852 had a lock in. And it was awesome. We got there at about 9.30, played X-Box, played games, had worship, ate, watched movies, and surprisingly we got some sleep. Some people slept from the beginning and occasionally woke up... oh well, we all had fun and that's what counts!
That weekend I also watched the Village, which was alright but a lack of sleep, complicated english and a tedious plot (plus a fairly far-fetched twist) made it a long time to sit in the cinema. Why is it that why seem to fight sleep all the time, late at night when we are completely exhausted we still sit there on the computer or watching tv searching for entertainment? Or in the morning (less common) we still get up when we could do with more sleep? I prefer bed.
Church on Sunday was awesome as usual, then many of us went to Rob K's baptism. We arrived just in time to see the special moment, it's great to see people give their lives to Christ especially at baptisms, the whole purpose being to be a public declaration. It's all good. We had a great curry from Chung King at Rob's house afterwards and I joined Mr Radford and company for worship at St Andrew's evening service. That was a fab day.
On Monday, all of the SNA graduates met up, myself, Jason, Robin, Jenny and Fiona. We all hung out for a day, played some frisbee, had a picnic at Victoria Park, grabbed a coffee and generally vegged out. For those who don't know, Fiona is going to Harvard and is considering going to study Law, Robin is going into the British Navy and starts in November to study to become a pilot, Jason is going to Warwick University in England to study Management Sciences (i.e. Business) and Jenny is going to Australia to study Fine Arts and English. Check out the links on the right to Fiona and Jenny's blogs, Jason and Robin haven't got one (yet or to my knowledge). Ran a quick errand for the office that afternoon and that about sums up my day.
The rest of the week was a bit of a blur. It was my final week at the Vine office, Tuesday was a fairly slow day, couple of errands and manual labour, nothing too strenuous. In the evening I caught up with a few fellow KGV'ers that I hadn't seen most of the summer and we went to Mei Foo, got some extremely good Char Siu Fan, those who know me know that I am a real addict to Char Siu Fan, three of them played a frame of bowling and we played spot the white guy. The count was two, me and Jason. Wednesday was a good day, however it was taken up mainly by meetings. The Wednesday prayer meeting at the Vine office for those who are free from 12.30-1.30 is a time people can meet up to share in a time of prayer for the Church, members of the church and other events. Get along there if you can. In the evening a load of ex-KGV'ers went to watch AVP. I wasn't expecting much, and thats exactly what I got. No plot, lack of acting, predictable and obvious deaths. Moooving on, Thursday i met up with Jenny for a gourmet lunch, guess what we had... my favourite food, Char Siu Fan. Yeah, I know, I need to try something new.
Friday we had a church getaway day which was awesome. Woudene Myburgh and her husband Willem kindly put us up for the day, we had a time of prayer, swimming, a delicious South African BBQ (which wreaked it's revenge later on) followed by a time of sharing. But the best part of the day was SOS! Flight 852 came into the office and sorted through, cleaned, vacuumed and restacked 300 chairs in just under 3 hours! They were machines, the man of the evening was undoubtedly Rob's brother, he was unstoppable, Deborah Casewell was a lean mean vacuuming machine, they deserve a big hand. They were all a real blessing and if you were there helping that night thank you so much and God bless you for your time.
Over the weekend I've just been relaxing, the 180 boat trip and hanging out with Mark and Ryan for a little while on Sunday afternoon. More moving took place Sunday after church, thank you to all who helped, it was a real blessing to see people who wanted to help enough that they were willing to cut their lunch short to help out. Note: My worship folder went missing Sunday, if you know who has it or where it is please let me know, thank you. That about brings you up to speed.
In my own spiritual walk God has been extremely good, please read the post above to hear about what this summer has brought me.


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