Sunday, October 10, 2004

Post Nine

Again I apologise for the late update, I should be able to manage them weekly now, seeing as this is a Saturday and I'm more likely to have time for it today rather than any other day. News of the week, my bass arrives on Tuesday. I did not trust the baggage handlers at Heathrow, so purchasing a reasonably priced one was the best option. It is virtually identical to the black Fender jazz I play when I'm home (long live Hong Kong!) just some minor cosmetic differences on the neck. I'm looking forward to getting some grooves down. Other news, I've started boxing again. They have a thai boxing society here and boy does it feel good to let loose again. Lets hope I don't screw up my back again. CU is awesome, met up with a lot of great people, found a nearby church which I am going to the evening service of this weekend (I went to the morning service last Sunday however I want to try to the evening service and see how it is) I will surely check out a few more e.g. Vineyard Coventry! And a few others. Warwick ALSO have a rock gospel choir which is awesome! Given I had a cold first time I went and I managed to stay in key :P I will hopefully keep that up too.
On a more personal note, university work and activities are starting to take their toll physically. Lack of sleep on certain nights and less time to cook in the evenings consequently give me less time to myself as I just manage to keep up with my university tasks. Jason was discussing with me earlier this week, how the massive amount of time spent working, socialising and just generally surviving at university can be detrimental to our spiritual walk. I've been able to spend some time every day (bar a few days, and those days SUCKED!) just getting some prayer or worship or feelings out, vocally, in prayer or on paper. Which makes me feel a lot better. The good thing is about this is that it's taken me out of my comfort zone and is showing me areas I've found a need to work on. Which is good!
Right a few messages to people;
Tom, I didn't get a copy of your CD before I left, I'd love to buy one if you could find the time to send one.
Derek, Reply! Also I hear Gabby is interning at 180, I'm delighted to hear that news! Let me know how the mission trip went too!
Mandy, I hope all is well with you! Could you add me to the Vine mailing list please? I'd like to keep up to date with whats happening.
Luke, I remember getting an email from you saying your email had changed, could you Tag your new one up so I can mail you! Hope you are good buddy!
Ryan, what was your blondest moment?
Mark N, James, Pam, Chrissy, Dan, Patsy and other people who I'm sorry if I didn't mention, I'm looking forward to catching up with you sometime this in the near future! Please drop me an email or call me (this goes for HK people too!!) on 07792 605035.
Everyone who will be in HK at Christmas, see you in a month and a bit!


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