Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Post Ten

This weekend has been quite a hectic one. Work piled up, washing loomed ahead, empty cupboards crept along and the start of a new working week arrived. Whoever guessed university would require this much work! So far, this has been a great experience and I really am confusing it with a holiday camp...with homework. Aside from the lectures and odd bits of work and commitments it really is like a big holiday with all your new mates. Its great fun and we always have a good time.
Now that I've got hooked up with the CU and plugged into a good local church things are starting to take off properly. The support from friends and the challenges from new situations is awesome. It's a little bit strange suddenly finding myself in a new country with a fairly new culture with completely new people but God has been faithful and he's got me so far and I know he's going to take me a whole new way.
The message recently, from God to me, was that I have to humble myself daily. There are going to be...odd events and strange happenings (lets put it that way) at university and that you can't be a true witness and a powerful sharer if you haven't humbled yourself. We're all sinners, and I need to fully realise and implement that in order to fulfill my role as a Christian at university. It's awesome. Cool.
This week I am looking forward to Revelation Rock Gospel Choir on Tuesday, CU meeting on Wednesday (where I'll get to serve for the first week! VERY excited) boxing on Friday, a chilled out day Saturday and Church on Sunday. The church I am going to is St John's Westwood (www.stjohnswestwood.org.uk). Tom, the Vine is extremely blessed to have you as their worship leader and with so many other talented musicians at the Vine, I have invariably said to myself at one point or another 'Ah its not the Vine'... But the worship is still great, with just the right mix of hymns and contemporary worship. I feel comfortable worshipping there and I look forward to it each week even though I have only been there a few times. I'm very happy to find that despite leaving HK that my rock hasn't changed, he's still as faithful as ever.
Drop me a line people! Miss you all, look forward to seeing you all in December!


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Kath said...

Hey Mark! I'm just leaving a post to say an early Happy 19th Birthday! since I'm busy in the next day i won't be able to go online to say Happy Birthday.

Hope your birthday goes well!


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