Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fruit Juice - #14

Yet another update, I could've sworn that the 25th wasn't that long ago but I'm told it was ages ago. Oh well.
I am back once again in the UK, Coventry is cold with a capital C.
I've been everywhere and doing everything I could possibly do in the last few weeks. On New Years Eve the Vine celebrated the New Year in style with a big worship and prayer evening called Thirst! If you were there, awesome! if you weren't I hope you had a valid reason, like you were another continent, or something along those lines! I've been two years now and I don't think there's a better way to welcome in the New Year than to worship as hard as you can. It's definitely starting the year off on the right foot, not to mention the games and hanging out are just awesome. James and myself were stunning at Knight Rider Princess, the speed and fluidity of our movements were matched only by our determination.
Derek Ma was speaking and had a very challenging message, how am I, how are you and how are we going to step into 2005 and with what attitude? I personally find this very exciting and I am raring to get stuck back in at uni and my church here. So much to do and so little time to do it in! I hope that this excited others in the same way it did for me.
I flew out on New Years Day (almost the 2nd of January tho, didn't board til 23.45) and it was probably one of the most uncomfortable flights I've ever been on. I can laugh NOW because it was so bad. First of all, those who know me (sorry there are no pics for those who don't) know I am not the smallest of people. I was flying economy, sorry! it's politically correct name is World Traveller. The seat width is not such a big deal, however the curvature of the back of the seat was incredibly tight and so my shoulders were shoved all the way forward with the middle of my back nowhere near the back of the seat. THAT was bad enough, however I was next to a dutch lady who defied the laws of physics. She was much smaller than me yet somehow she required both armrests and some of my seat space for her left elbow, to the point I'd have to ask her to move everytime I wanted to adjust the channel or volume control on my seat. For a 13-14 hour flight (stupid headwind) that is not fun. The story continues.... Come breakfast time, there's a fruit salad but only a pathetic thumbnail size teaspoon to eat it with. The first piece falls off onto my shirt, I pick it up while unconsciously tipping the bowl of fruit and fruitjuice. The juice all falls out onto my lap and starts seeping through my blanket and onto my seat and clean pair of jeans. Of course you all know, when food is on your table on an airplane, you can't get up, you're trapped. So I'm sitting in a sticky, wet mess of orange, pineapple and watermelon juice, with pineapple bits down my t-shirt, with 3-4 hrs left to go before we land and a 2 hr bus journey afterwards. Oh joy.
As I said earlier, I can laugh Now but I wasn't at all amused at the time.

I am looking forward to the next two terms, I am excited to see whats in store for me and where I can help out at CU and church. This weekend I'm going on a prayer retreat thing with the student team from my church to pray and discuss things for the next year, I am looking especially forward to that and I can't wait to see what ideas God'll lay on us this weekend.
I miss all you HK'ers loads already and the holiday seems like an age ago already. Will see you all in the summer and Hillsong!


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