Friday, April 22, 2005

Back to School...

This has been a pretty manic Easter travelling all round the country. But it's been amazing for two different reasons, 1. i got to see and meet so many people, new and old alike. 2. God taught me a LOT, and I mean a LOT of stuff.
Every place I went to seemed to hold a lesson for me which was fantastic, and if you have the time I will share these revelations with you...
First of all, the first 10 days of the Easter break (5 weeks for those who are wondering, and yes it's way too long) I was in a town called Bridgnorth, with one cinema and 42 pubs (I didn't count but I got it on good authority thats accurate) no TV, no internet, limited music, no friends or relatives, parents friends but they work the whole week. Those who know me or have even just met me or seen me know I cannot stay still for long, I like to be and I am an active person. However God really educated and spoke to me through that time, through quiet times, through the silence, by turning tedium into thoughtful quiet meditation. An ability worth having I think
After that, I sped up to Manchester to stay with the soon-to-be Mrs. Coulson, otherwise known as the lovely Ms. Karen Ng. That was a great time, lots of fun, great food! Karen is an awesome cook! Also the learning experience was a somewhat practical thing in preparation for the week ahead. We left the third monday of the hols to Wales for the NEEC in Cefn Lea. This was a big conference for the North England Chinese Christian Churches (CCC) to get together and I was a counsellor for the youth (I was a good counsellor, not a wonderful counsellor... ROFL)
Now, I hadn't asked any questions about my role until the weekend before, when I asked Matt kindly informed me I was to be a counsellor for the youngest group of 12-13. My verbal reaction was of intrigue 'ohh ok' my internal reaction (sorry Matt!) was 'oh crud'. Let me be brutally honest, I am not good with kids, I have a low tolerance for them, God corrected my standing on that. I THOUGHT I had a low tolerance for them, turns out, kids rock! Who would have guessed? God must love them for a reason hey? :P It was hard to get down to basics with them especially at that age, but the practical lesson was... P.U.S.H
Pray Until Something Happens... which it did Praise the Lord! That was a real and powerful example to me of coming when you are weak, admitting you can't do it out of your own strength and the Lord responding and providing. Isn't he awesome?
So that was yet another lesson in the bag, 2 for 2 so far.
I left the following Friday for HK and got back Saturday evening. Now here is the painful lesson, life moves on, things change, and even if you know that, it doesn't mean you can just come back and instantly live with it. I'm going to be honest, the Vine is an awesome church, with amazing people, gifted leaders and a passionate congregation, and I know and fully believe God is using them mightily in Central, Hong Kong and beyond. But times have moved on, not so much for them but for me, and I no longer have the place I once had. That was hard for me, coming back and just not clicking the way before. However God turned it around and just showed me, that HK was a place of birth and growth for me, but the next stage of my life awaits me and is where I am right now, at this uni, this campus and it's where I'm gonna go through my next stage of growth and learning... and I am extreeeemely excited to see what comes next.
And thats a wrap, lots of lessons, a lot of amazement and excellent excitement. I can't wait to see what happens next and if I can remedy my inability to update regularly, you'll hear all about it. Other than all that, I'm well ;) God bless!


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