Friday, May 20, 2005


Not really sure what to put in here today. Things have been good with Cell, we've been running for 5 weeks now and things have been getting better every week. We've had a lot of growth but a fair bit of inconsistency too, as to be expected around exam and deadline time.
Work has been alright, not too worried about getting through the exams thanks to God for that, just need to remember to revise and do my part. Managed to score 47% so far out of an available 60% for my electronics module, which means I've already passed, sweet :) However gotta be a good steward so still working.
Church has been good, had a good 3-4 week break from bass at the beginning of the term but it's back to the norm now. Hmm, not too good that, I feel contented with that norm, however being in a comfort zone isn't good, need to be challenged. I'll pray about that.

Last week was sheer crap, one horrible day after another. I am almost never without a smile on my face but come Friday it was fading quite visibly. I managed alright thanks to God but it was a tough week, glad he got me through it. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Thats all folks. Goodnight

P.S. Sorry if this reads disjointed, feeling a bit 'blah' tonight despite having a good day, not sure about that either.