Tuesday, October 25, 2005

At Long Last...

Finally! I have actually decided to sit down and update my blog. Taken long enough!
Just touching briefly on the summer, went back to good old Hong Kong to see family, friends and everyone else, which was awesome! Missing you all now that I'm back in the UK, see you all at Christmas! Fast forward to now...
So far this new academic year has gone by quite quickly but it has been, to sum it up in a word;


They have given us a ridiculous workload on top of our normal schedules and it's only going to get worse as the term and year wears on. I don't get to eat at home about 5-6 nights of the week, things are going to have to be cut back, the question is 'what?'.
Lets try moving on from that rant, otherwise I could go on for a while... A good story for the week, let see...

Today, at 10.25 which is the Christian Union bible study/small group (to save people the reading previous posts to see what it is) we were discussing John 4. Now, normally there is quite a rigid question structure however today there seemed to be more freedom to the discussion and we touched on salvation... lets not say issues but lets say background intricacies if that makes sense. We were looking at people being 'called' / 'predestined' to be Christians and there were two points of view (mine and someone elses :P) but the underlying point was the same. My point was that God is not unjust and I can't see God throwing people into Hell due to him predestining them to be there, however the other point (which was more throwing useful verses into the discussion, thanks Adele!) was that 'the potter' has the right to shape objects for mercy and objects for of wrath. For reference, the pivotal verse here was Romans 9:21-24, specifically, 22-23. However again taking things into context, God has this right but he is also just and we must trust that he is both. I think that the answer does not lie at the extreme that he has predestined no-one to be in Heaven or Hell nor that he has sentenced people to Hell unfairly, but the true answer lies between the two. With respect to the fact he knows who will be in Heaven and in Hell, and he has created people with different purposes and it is just. So to sum it up, we are each prepared with great care for different purposes, and although we might not see some as fair from our perspective, there is more to it than we can fathom and we simply must have faith that the plan is just.
That was a big highlight for me for this week and it's only been day one! Hope you're all good, I hope to update a bit more often now, I will have more random 30 min breaks to update. Take care and God bless!